Phillip Milgram, MD-Cosmetic Laser Specialist

Meet Dr. Milgram

At Head to Toe Laser Center, Phillip Milgram, MD offers patients advanced laser and surgical options to address a variety of cosmetic needs. Dr. Milgram treats patients throughout the greater San Diego area. Head to Toe Laser Center is a unique practice which focuses on helping to ensure patients are confident in their appearance and overall wellness.

As the primary doctor for the practice, Dr. Milgram is a pioneer in the field of laser surgery. He founded the Southern California Laser Surgery Institute in 1984 and is a board-certified physician. Dr. Milgram has also been employed by numerous prominent Laser product manufacturers where he taught the benefits of utilizing advanced surgical instrumentation. He also served on the faculty of the Houston Laser Institute.

Our Approach

Head to Toe Laser Center believes in an inside and outside approach to cosmetic and general health. Ensuring patients hormones are in balance and solely using FDA approved laser and minimally invasive cosmetic surgical techniques is all a part of how the practice works to guarantee that their patients receive only the best care. By providing patients with access to the most advanced procedures, Head to Toe Laser can address the long-term causes and effects of aging.

Next Steps...

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