How much do laser fungus treatments cost?

There not a simple answer to this question.  The main factors that determine cost are, how long you been infected with nail fungus and how many toes or fingernails are infected.  In most cases multi-laser treatments are recommended to reduce your risk of reinfection.  We have flexible payment options.  A patient can purchase a complete package or individual treatments.  Each patient's needs are assessed on an individual basis.  We will work with you to find a payment options that works best for you.

How long will it take to cure my toenail fungus?

If properly applied, in most cases, the fungus will be vaporized with just one laser treatment .  The problem is that you are still susceptible to reinfection because the fungus has opened gaps in your nail.  Until your nail has completely regrown (typically six months to one year) you will be at risk of reinfection.  Especially if you have risk factors such as wearing boots all day, jogging or other activities that cause your feet to sweat excessively.  Our treatment method includes educating you on these risk factors and teaches you how to reduce them.  We also combine products like KeryFlex and recommend SteriShoes to help reduce your risk.

Is genital wart removal done in the office?

In the vast majority of cases yes.  It is only the most difficult cases that would require general anesthesia, such cases would be done at an outpatient surgery center.  In most all cases (>90%) the procedure can be done using a local anesthetic and takes less than 30 minutes.

Are HPV and Genital Warts the same thing?

Yes and no.  HPV encompasses over 100 different strains of the human papilloma virus.  Some of these strains cause genital warts and some are known to cause cervical cancer.  The type of HPV that causes genital warts does not cause cancer and the cancer causing type does not cause genital warts.  There are two separate strains of the virus, because both strains of HPV do not always cause symptoms many and people do not know that they are infected.

What happens if my wart(s) returns, is there a guarantee?

It is our policy to retreat a returning wart at no cost.  Warts have roots and sometimes they return.  Dr. Milgram is an expert at applying the laser to remove the wart while minimizing scaring.  This is especially important in sensitive areas like the genitals or on a highly visible area of the body such as the face.

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