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Cosmetic Laser Specialists

Nail Fungus Cure

If you suffer from nail fungus or other nail problems, Head to Toe Laser Center can help!

Topical treatments and oral anti-fungal agents are commonly prescribed, but they rarely result in a cure and can also have serious adverse side effects if used long term. At Head to Toe Laser Center, we use the most advanced treatment options available, including laser treatments and the BrightNails System™.  Numerous clinical studies have shown these methods to be the most effective ways to cure nail fungus once and for all.

The BrightNails System™, developed by Dr. Milgram, involves a combination of in-office procedures followed by a series of at-home treatments. Dr. Milgram has cured over 3,500 patients using the ! BrightNails System™ We have found that when treating patients with the proper laser application techniques and having patients follow our BrightNail System™ this has resulted in virtually a 100% cure rate! Your nail fungus will be clear in a year, as the new healthy non-injected nail grows out.

Don't be fooled. Many practitioners claim that between 80%-90% of their patients treated by lasers are fungus free after one treatment. That is only a somewhat accurate statement. When properly applied many laser treatments do kill the fungus instantly and you will be free of fungus when leaving the clinic. However, there is a high degree of re-infection (>40% and as high as 80%) if personal care procedures like our BrightNails System™ are not strictly followed.

Our BrightNails System™ recommends the use of SteriShoe™ to sanitize your shoes daily. SteriShoe™ has been clinically shown to kill 99.9% of the germs that cause nail fungus, athletes foot and foot odor. To lean more about SteriShoe™ please visit our website store, where you can order SteriShoe and other doctor approved medical and podiatric medicines and products not available elsewhere in one shopping cart.

Wart Removal

As a Board Certified OB/GYN Phillip Milgram MD has been removing warts by laser since 1980. Dr. Milgram has treated over 4,700 wart patients and over 10,300 condyloma patients.

The most common cause of genital warts is the HPV (human papillomavirus).  Infections can occur in both men and women.  In most cases these warts can be safely and completely removed in our office with local anesthesia.

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